Discover PreSeed Now's Startup Tracker

At PreSeed Now, we help you discover B2B and deep tech startups from inception to when they’re raising seed - the early stage that usually flies under the radar.

This database tracks more than 130 hand-picked, high-potential startups, with more being added regularly. Startups are added after we’ve profiled them in PreSeed Now’s twice-weekly newsletter (also included in the subscription).

It’s perfect for anyone who works in the early-stage startup space.

The Startup Tracker lets you:

  • Easily browse a growing number of high-quality pre-seed UK startups

  • See key information about their product, sector, funding, location, and more

  • See the latest updates about their funding status and progress they’ve made since being featured in PreSeed Now

  • Request an introduction to founders

What users are saying:

  • “It’s like Crunchbase, but better for pre-seed”

  • “This tracker! OMFG! This is what I've been looking for for months.”

  • “I highly recommend it. What a cool tool.”

How to get access:

If you’re a paying PreSeed Now subscriber: You’ll be automatically given access. Look for an email with the subject line: Activate your PreSeed Now Startup Tracker account. Missed the email? Head to the login page and hit ‘reset password’ to get set up.

Not yet a paying subscriber?: A PreSeed Now subscription usually costs £10 per month or £100 per year, giving access to to the Startup Tracker along with the other benefits.

The PreSeed Now Startup Tracker has been developed in partnership with The Tech Dept.