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Being featured in our twice-weekly newsletter isn't just about advertising - it's about becoming part of the conversation.

Connect with a broad audience of startup enthusiasts and investors, and share the essence of your brand in an environment that values innovation and insight. Sponsorship typically includes:

  • Logo and link placement in the newsletter.

  • Brief description of your brand or product.

  • Reach a highly targeted and engaged (43%+ open rate!) audience of innovators and investors.

📢 Promotional Features

Work hand-in-hand with us to craft a unique piece of content that resonates with our community.

Whether you have interesting insights, compelling narratives, or valuable expertise, let's create something that can ignite conversation and inspire others.

Interview, conversation, text, or podcast, we’ll work together on a format that works for you and your brand. A promotional feature could include:

  • Collaboration with Martin SFP Bryant to develop a unique thought leadership piece, in text or podcast format.

  • Opportunity to present your brand as an industry expert.

  • Direct link to your website or landing page.

  • Create highly shareable content that can extend your reach beyond our platform.

We believe in meaningful exchanges, inspiring narratives, and the power of shared knowledge.

If you resonate with these values and want to get your brand or personal story in front of our subscribers, reach out to Samantha Deakin at [email protected].

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