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Do you invest in, or work with early-stage tech startups? PreSeed Now is your twice-weekly look at exciting new companies across the UK.

PreSeed Now digs into the product, market, and founder story of startups so you can understand how they fit into what’s happening in the wider world and startup ecosystem.

Discover the UK’s most exciting early-stage B2B and deep tech startups, anywhere from inception, through pre-seed funding to when they’re raising their seed round.

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Who’s behind it?

PreSeed Now was founded in May 2022 by Martin SFP Bryant, a journalist and editor who has been involved in the the early-stage startup space since 2009.

In 2023, Martin was joined by Samantha Deakin, our head of growth.

Martin SFP Bryant and Samantha Deakin

PreSeed Now’s launch was featured on TechCrunch,, BusinessCloud, and Prolific North, and Samantha joining was covered by BusinessCloud and Prolific North.

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