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Getting RevvedUp for targeted sales at scale

This startup goes beyond lightweight generative A.I.

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Tech for sales professionals can be lucrative, just ask Marc Benioff. And generative A.I. has introduced new opportunities to serve this market.

Today’s startup is moving things beyond a simple ‘we’ll write your sales copy for you’ proposition to something more comprehensive. Scroll down to read all about RevvedUp.

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The startup getting RevvedUp for targeted sales at scale

RevvedUp founders Mark Walker and Mitchell Nick

In summary:

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Sales and go-to-market teams rely on content to close deals. Targeted marketing materials help prospects understand what they’ll be buying and how it can help them.

The problem is that producing all of that targeted content can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. 

Sure, you can produce words quickly with a tool like ChatGPT, but the quality and the targeting won’t be top-notch. You’ll probably end up doing a lot of research and re-writing to get it to the right level anyway.

RevvedUp is a new startup that wants to solve this problem with a product that simplifies the production of scalable, targeted content for sales teams.

Co-founder Mark Walker sees the startup as building a “content infrastructure layer for go-to-market teams.”

“Sales reps aren’t copywriters… they’re trying to produce high-quality, high-value content but it's quite inefficient because they have to do a lot of their own research and their own thinking through how to construct it.

“They're trying to pull from lots of different data sources. And what tends to happen is they don't actually have enough throughput, so they don't produce enough content or have enough outreaching and touchpoints.”

Walker cites data from Ebsta, which states that 69% of sales reps miss their quota. This provides, he believes, a strong opportunity to make things better.

More than just creating content for sales reps, RevvedUp is intended to be a consistent content production ‘layer’ across the different tools salespeople use.

RevvedUp’s homepage

How it works

Walker says that currently, sales teams might begin their outreach with a personalised email, but then switch to generic followup via multiple channels. Personalising everything is just too time-consuming.

“With RevvedUp, every single step can be completely personalised, 100% relevant to each individual prospect, which is a real step change in how teams can try to engage with prospects,” says Walker.

RevvedUp lets users upload a contact list of prospects into its software from their CRM, and then it gets to work collecting information about them all.

Walker says sources include company websites, news articles, LinkedIn data and activity, along with data from sales platforms the user might already have in their tech stack.

This is all used by the generative A.I. side of RevvedUp to create content such as bespoke landing pages, digital one-pagers, email copy, LinkedIn connection requests, or SWOT analysis, as requested by the user.

“We can work with whatever your current sequences and cadences are, or give you the opportunity to further expand those because you've now got those capabilities,” says Walker.

The content RevvedUp generates can then be pushed back into the sales software the user already works with, such as Outreach, Apollo, or Salesloft.

“The advantage here is that the sales team don't actually really need to learn a new tool. It’s taking content from systems they're already working with and pushing it back into the systems that they're already using. And we are therefore this content infrastructure layer that sits between these two systems.”

The story so far

Walker began his career in the events sector, including a stint as the founder of an events-focused startup, Then he moved into sales as head of growth for Eventbrite and then a number of chief revenue officer roles in the tech industry.

With all of this experience, he knows a lot about sales pain points, and that’s where the idea for RevvedUp came from. 

Walker has co-founded the startup with Mitchell Nick (fun fact: Nick lives in Indonesia and Walker only met him in person for the first time yesterday, allowing them to take the photo at the top of this article).

The pair released an initial MVP in September last year to gain feedback from early users. Then in February this year they launched a first ‘official’ version which Walker says is now being used by paying customers.

RevvedUp is now gearing up to launch pilots with some well-known brands, Walker adds.

“What's interesting, and I think really validating for us as a business, is that these potential customers have a huge amount of pre-existing sales and marketing tech…. 

“We're able to have these conversations with very well resourced, very well tooled-up companies because the problem that we're solving isn’t solved by their existing tech stack.”

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